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Garmin GPS Maintenance
GPS and Nautical Chart Maintenance is a critical, but often overlooked, element of safe marine navigation.
Garmin BlueChart   & g2 Vision   Charts
The use of outdated charts frequently results in boating accidents when using traditional nautical charts for navigation.
The same concept applies when using GPS for navigation, but GPS maintenance isn't only constrained to charts. Boaters relying on GPS need to monitor the following...
Our Maintenance Services...
We will examine your fixed mount and hand held Garmin GPS chartplotters and provide you with a outline of which BlueChart, Vision and pre-loaded maps needs updating, and will install new charts as requested.
Garmin Chartplotter Software
We will update your Garmin GPS with the latest Garmin system software and firmware updates.
Laptops & Personal Computers
Route planning on a PC using Garmin MapSource and HomePort    navigation software is an essential tool. We ensure your laptop has the latest version of charting software, and USB drivers.
Garmin BlueChart g2 & g2 Vision Charts
Garmin Chartplotter Software
Laptops and Personal Computers